Who We Work With

IWJ Law is a Vancouver based law firm that regularly acts for private companies, large public issuers, investment funds including institutional venture capital investors and investing syndicates in Canadian and cross border business, financial and M&A transactions. Our clients range in size from smaller local organizations, to large national Funds and international Investors.

Many of our clients have been working with us for decades, and as a result we have a deep knowledge of their business and legal issues. We are fortunate as the nature of these relationships have allowed us to gain in depth experience in the areas in which we practice, which in turn allows us to provide strategic counsel. Our focus on providing value means that our newer clients usually find us through referrals either from our existing clients or other lawyers and service providers.

IWJ Law strives to be at the forefront of practice, experience and creative solutions for our corporate and investor clients. Because we focus on business and investment law, we will work with a client’s existing advisors or engage a relevant specialist from our established and independent network of experts to ensure matters falling outside our areas of expertise are addressed and value is provided for our clients.